Adam Bülow-Jacobsen's Home Page.

Postal address:
19, rue de la Tombe Issoire
F-75014 Paris, France

Born 1943 in Copenhagen.
Former Research Professor and a Carlsberg Foundation Professor in Greek papyrology and reader of Greek in the Department of Greek and Latin, University of Copenhagen.
Member of the Comité International de l'Association Internationale de Papyrologues 1995-2004.
Diploma in Classical Philology from Copenhagen (cand.mag). Studied with Eric Turner in London. Ph.D. (London 1976) on Oxyrhynchus material (see P.Oxy 49).
Published vols. 2 and 3 of Papyri Graecae Haunienses = P.Haun., which are papyri belonging to the Institute of Greek and Latin, (now SAXO Institute) Copenhagen University.

My most important projects in later years have been the excavation of Mons Claudianus and the exploration of the road from Coptos to Myos Hormos and Berenike in Egypt. Click here for a bibliography of what has so far appeared on Mons Claudianus. Texts from al-Muwayh (O.Krok.), Kashm el-Menih (O.Did.), Umm Balad (O.KaLa) are either published or far advanced. Sometime later there will be volumes of texts from al-Zarqa (O.Max.) and Abu Qreia (O.Dios). The excavations that have been financed by the French Foreign Office and the IFAO in Cairo.
I am currently working on editions of ostraca from sites in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. If you want to see what else I have done, you may have a look at my bibliography.
Much of this work I do together with my wife, Hélène Cuvigny, who is also a papyrologist, directeur de recherche at the CNRS in Paris.
For many years I worked in Cairo during the winter for the AIP photographic archive and I have a substantial collection of negatives and diapositives of papyri from Cairo, and also from the collections in Oslo, Lund and the Bodleyan Library, Oxford, and of course Copenhagen. See the description and index of these photographs, though it does not include P.Haun and P.Lund. Other, more or less complete versions of this photographic archive are in Brussels, Cologne, Oxford, and Heidelberg. If you want prints of any of these papyri, you are welcome to contact me, but most of the images are now available on the web at CSAD, Oxford.
There is also a papyrus collection (some Greek, and a lot of demotic) at the Institute of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Carsten Niebuhr Department, formerly the Institute of Egyptology.The P.Haun. collection is now also lodged here under the direction of Prof. Kim Ryholt.

 I am also the listowner of the papyrological discussion list PAPY which you may join. Click here for further information.

Further, I am on the editorial board of the electronic journal AIGIS.
You can subscribe to AIGIS here.

I mostly spend December-January digging in Egypt.

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