Quelques rapports sur le travail dans le désert Oriental.

Some reports on the work in the Eastern Desert.

Bibliography of recent work at Mons Claudianus (1987-1993)

Bibliography of recent work along the road from Coptos to Myos Hormos

Maximianon (Al-Zarqa) 1994

Maximianon (Al-Zarqa) 1995

Krokodilô (Al-Muwayh) 1996

Krokodilô (Al-Muwayh) 1997

Didymoi (Khashm el-Menih) 1998

Didymoi (Khashm el-Menih) 1999

Didymoi (Khashm el-Menih) 2000

Kaine Latomia (Umm Balad) 2002

Kaine Latomia (Umm Balad) 2003

Iovis (Abu Qurayyah) 2006 

Iovis (Abu Qurayyah) 2007

Iovis (Abu Qurayyah) and Bir Beiza 2008

Iovis (Abu Qurayyah) 2009

Xeron 2010

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